Payment and Insurance Workgroup

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This is the landing page for the HL7 Belgium FHIR Payment and Insurance Working Group. This work is linked to the FHIR profiling work that has already been done by CIN/NIC (MyCareNet) and eHealth platform for the physiotherapists work - prior to the establishment of HL7 Belgium.

On this page you will find some general information on this WG, the meeting schedule and meeting minutes of this WG.

Meeting Schedule and minutes: online every other Wednesday at 9 AM, starting 7 December 2022.

A kick-off meeting took place online on Tuesday 29 November at 1PM. Please contact Karlien Erauw to receive the meeting report or invite for the biweekly WG meetings.

FHIR Implementation Guide (go to Detailed Specifications/Artifact Index to see the FHIR deliverables for this WG)

WG's Google Drive (only WG members can edit)

Background info on the project: see Mycarenet presentation here.