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This is the landing page for the Laboratory WG that covers the Lab results and Labo order.
On this page you will find some general information on this WG, the schedule and the meeting minutes of this WG. This development work is closely linked to the federal eHealth project "Digitisation of lab results".

Meeting Schedule and minutes

FHIR Implementation Guide (go to Detailed Specifications/Artifact Index to see the FHIR deliverables for this WG)

WG's google drive

Due to issues resulting from the pilot phase the FHIR profile is being reworked as from mid November 2021. You can consult the meeting schedule here and are welcome to participate to the meetings. A visualisation tool for the FHIR lab result message is being developed ; this will also be available through a webapplication here (first version). [ Test examples of FHIR labo result messages can be found here.

Background info on lab results: