Patient Dossier Workgroup

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This is the landing page for the Patient Dossier WG that covers the vaccination and other care sets.
On this page you will find some general information on this WG, the schedule and the meeting minutes of this WG.

As from 8 June 2023 we will start working on Patient Will. Anyone with interest, can join.

Meeting Schedule and minutes

Use cases for this WG (discussion input document)

N/A: WG's Google Drive (only WG members can edit)

N/A 'FHIR Implementation Guide' (go to Detailed Specifications/Artifact Index to see the FHIR deliverables for this WG)

Information model/Logical model for Vaccination

Published Vaccination FHIR profile

Information model/Logical model for Allergy & Intolerance

Published Allergy & Intolerance FHIR profile