Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2020-03-13

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Friday, 28th February 2020, 9:30 CET


  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Updates on action items
  • Review Timeline for profiles
  • Care Team - Validation of profile after updates
  • Care Plan - Validation of profile
  • Patient Will - review of proposal
  • Addiction - review of proposal
  • Agenda for next meetings
    • Problem - review of proposal



  • Hanne Vuegen
  • Isabelle Pollet
  • Robin Bosman
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Stefan Beerten
  • Jose Costa Teixeira (scribe)

9:30 - 9:40 Agenda

Agenda approved

Previous Action Items

  • Robin - Reporting on progress of the standardisation process to Program Board
    • Feedback received until today (From Stijn (VAZG), Jose) - Suggestions seemed sufficiently clear, Robin will adapt the governance description and distribute to the team again.
    • The HL7 Validation Group considers that the decision to accept a standard for Official publication (as a legal standard) is on Program Board B. Robin will include also that in the new version of the document.
  • Jose: Add a page with list of upcoming profiles
    • Profile list: [1]
      • Reviewed and updated: added status to the backlog items
    • Category page: [2]
  • Jose: Add the clarification of our meaning of Must Support, after discussion with FHIR community
    • chats: [3] [4]
    • current updates: [5]
      • Still need to add this generic remark on a higher-level page

10:50 Homecare Team - validation of content

CareTeam changes are done, the exception is the Category is not yet added. Jose will add the proper binding. This is a technical update, will be pushed to the CI build today - The Validation group has no more objections

11:00 Homecare Plan - validation of content

  • In the Examples, we did not include the Goals. This should be added - it does not change the technical conformance, but is useful for functional guidance.
    • Action Item: Hanne and Jose will add this to the example
    • We do not need to make a BEGoal profile, we can just use the Core Goal. Question: How do we easily see what would need to change when we eventually make a BE Goal?
    • Homecare Plan is validated (examples will be enriched)

Patient Will - validation of proposal

Patient Will Proposal

Addiction - validation of proposal

Addiction Proposal

Agenda for next meeting

  • Vaccination project proposal
  • Patient will - status update
  • Addiction - status update
  • e-Agreement project proposal

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