Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2020-07-09

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Thursday, 28th May 2020, 09:30 CET


  • Welcome
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Updates on action items
  • New projects
    • Manzana diabetes project discussion


  • Robin Bosman
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Karlien Erauw
  • Damien Gruson
  • Wei Zhao
  • Kaoutar Abdellaoui
  • Jose Costa Teixeira (scribe)
  • Stijn Longin

Not present

  • Isabelle Pollet
  • Stefan Beerten


Manzana project

Manzana Presentation by Damien: Project key highlights:

  • The goal is to provide a risk reporting based on a standard questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on FINDRISC
  • The Manzana profile includes patient-reported data and device data
  • From BRUSAFE, the proposed architecture uses standard security / authorization layer: ItsMe, SMART-on-FHIR, IUA..
  • Features / data sets:
    • Mass, BMI,..
    • BGL measurements
    • Meal intake
    • Insulin injections
  • Remarks:
    • Data sets should be clearly identified (meal intake, BGM, etc)
    • Observations about BGM should be ready for broader use e.g. as part of the RIZIV project.
    • We think that for patient-provided data (i.e. the FINDRSC self-assessment questions), the FHIR Questionnaire resource may be a good approach (to be validated in the technical working group)
    • A technical working group needs to be setup, and this group should take the next steps in defining the FHIR Logical Models, profiles, examples, (and Questionnaire instance) etc.
    • This may imply some discussions on devices - whether the glucose monitoring device, or the app that the patient is using (less likely to be important now)
    • In terms of Privacy and Access Control, this seems to have the same requirements as the other projects (access control, role-based, GDPR-aware, etc) for which separate discussions will be held - not in this project)
  • Decision:
    • Abrumet will continue the implementation of the underlying architecture (SMART on FHIR, ItsMe, etc) - that is not the scope of this project's standardisation
    • The HL7 BE core team will provide to Manzana team, during the week of the 13th July a proposal for working groups, artifacts... etc.
    • Everyone (Validation team and Manazana team) will work on the Project Proposal to make it ready for the Program Board, taking into account the remarks made during this meeting.

Other business

None. Meeting adjourned

HL7 Belgium Validation Workgroup