Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2020-08-20

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Thursday, 6th August 2020, 09:30 CET


  • Welcome
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Updates on action items
  • Belgium Way of Working - an overview (José, 30+15 mins)
  • Manzana project update and planning


  • Anne
  • Stefan
  • Robin
  • Stijn
  • Damien
  • Felix
  • Ingrid
  • José

== Absent

  • Karlien
  • Isabelle


Belgium Way of Working

José presents 3 features in a new Belgium Implementation Guide:

  • Model overview (which aspects of FHIR do we use in a Belgium ImplementationGuide)
  • Naming Conventions (for resources and files inside an Implementation Guide)
  • Feedback feature (from the Feedback button to the dashboard in Github)

José asks if it is ok to publish this as is, to share with the rest of Belgium and the rest of the FHIR community. The Validation group agrees to publish this after the changes requested (Mapping and CareSet), and after making sure the text and menus are ok.



  • We will have a technical workshop next week where we will bring the current work on profiles and examples.
  • Manzana is working with the APB and will be discussing the content with around 20 pharmacists in Brussels.
  • Around October we will discuss the implementation of Manzana for diabetes ~screening
  • To Do (Robin): find the Project Proposal, make sure it is up to date, and share it with the group
  • José will share the ImplementationGuide skeleton for Manzana to decide whether to use it (as of next week)

Other business

Covid discussion: José mentions some HL7 discussions on COVID. There are a few COVID initiatives outside of Belgium:

  • an ImplementationGuide for questionnaires and data capture
  • work ongoing on the tracking of supplies (Ventilators, PPE like maks etc)
  • vaccines and (acquired) immunity
  • structured data reporting to produce the right figures for COVID statistics

Anne mentions that there is interest in collaboration around Covid - it is in the interest of all to bring all these topics together.

No action expected now, but when some of these topics appear, the Validation group will want to align all the COVID initiatives.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20

HL7 Belgium Validation Workgroup