Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2020-10-01

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Thursday, 1st October 2020, 09:30 CET


  • Welcome
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Updates on action items
  • Profile Publication:
    • (Home) Care Team
    • (Home) Care Plan
  • Backlog review / update
  • VIDIS project (presentation by RIZIV/INAMI)


  • José Costa Teixeira (scribe)
  • Robin Bosman
  • Hanne Vuegen
  • Felix de Tavernier
  • Stefan Beerten
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Jean-Louis Maggetto
  • Jeroen de Wilde



Discussion and comments on the DOC:

  • we should have a standardization timeline that shows when the crossover from KMEHR to FHIR could happen. This is part of the work of project (/in articulation with HL7 BE) once the proposal is accepted for improvement.
  • question about mapping KMEHR legacy data: we haven't done this for past FHIR projects - we can consider that legacy data is just taken as an attachment (e.g. a pdf).
    • in the case of Medication Schema, it is necessary to at least look at (and somewhat align with) with the KMEHR model, so that we can look at data conversion in the future (at least partially)
    • decisions for data mapping should be considering use cases and risks - e.g. if we at least know the medication, it may be essential to map at least the medication, even if we don't know the indication or posology.
  • Project Proposal is accepted for further refinement and for onboarding to HL7 BE as a host for this work.
    • Project proposal will be enhanced e.g. considering Logical Models, realistic timelines, KMEHR - FHIR crossvoer, more detail on use cases.
    • HL7 BE will work on the proposal together with VIDIS
  • Next steps:
    • We will present the Project Proposal to the WG Medication as a first engagement. WG Medication should consider this work item as part of roadmap
    • From the moment the proposal is done, Robin can at any time raise it to the WGSE and from then it can go to the Program Board.

Previous Action items

  • Manzana sessions are ongoing (fridays)
  • Felix has been publishing the content, will continue to validate.

Future action item:

  • HL7 BE should have a meeting to review the technical work done by projects that were initiated outside of a WG (e.g. RIZIV, DZOP, Manzana, eHealth)
  • This meeting can be hosted by the Validation group - which means we should open the Validation group
  • To open this, we send out invitation to anyone that wants to join the FHIR validation group (only people with at least minimum FHIR knowledge). Once people express their interest, they are added to the invitation and can join when they see a need.
    • We should add some procedure (e.g. a roster of participations) to avoid that people just join one occasional meeting - for example if people skip N meetings, then the next meeting they are only observers.

Profiles for publication

Candidates for federal standard:

  • Home Care Plan (Current Step: should be presented to WGSE )
  • Home Care Team (Current Step: should be presented to WGSE )

Next Steps:

  • Hanne will do a final check on the Project Proposals
  • Robin can then present to WGSE - next meeting is in November
  • Stijn is the project manager and can represent the project in the WGSE

Status update on current projects


  • Conclusions were reached, will be presented to the WG Architecture on the 2nd October, and then, as soon as the materials are ready, to the rest of the community


  • HL7 Belgium should be ready for publishing - we'll work on the mechanisms to publish the IGs under HL7belgium.org, aligning with eHealth Platform.

Other business

  • Question remains open: When do we have a working Terminology server?
    • We should keep asking FOD Terminology center, but we need a workaround. TBD with NRC

HL7 Belgium Validation Workgroup