Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2021-05-27

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Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:00 CET


  • Welcome
  • Status and updates on previous issues (BeOrganization, etc.)
  • Roadmap preview
  • Discussion on criteria for using Questionnaires


  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Stefan Beerten
  • Félix de Tavernier
  • Robin Bosman
  • Hanne Vuegen
  • José Costa Teixeira
  • Filoretta Velica



Status and updates on previous issues (BeOrganization, etc.)

We discussed the issues (should be worked by a dedicated Working Group e.g. Infrastructure, but that hasn't been on their agenda yet). We also evaluated the process - in the future, how do we handle change requests to published (federal) standards? We should NOT have the "feedback option" active as that may trigger too much noise. We can explore having a reserved issue tracker for the issues that are accepted by the workgroup. This issue tracker can only be updated by the working group - any other issues or requests would wait for the Public Comment phase, or would need participation in the Working Group. Robin, José and Félix (and others) will exchange some emails and pilot the approach to having a "reserved" Kanban or issues list for tracking these issues.

Roadmap preview

We reviewed the roadmap in its development form: https://hl7-be.github.io/fhir-roadmap/index.html

Overall positive feedback - this will be useful.

  • José will add some future enhancements:
    • Make it a nice "look and feel" for HL7 Belgium
    • Fix the hardcoded values
    • Add the missing data
    • Add sub-topics - -e.g. Medication = (Dispense, MedSchema)
    • Publish on HL7Belgium.org
    • Make it "cleaner"
    • Visualize as a Timeline


The folowing criteria can be used BY THE VALIDATION WORKING GROUP when deciding whether to accept a Questionnaire as part of a project proposal. These criteria apply for Project Proposals.

- Questionnaire should be just an extension to a Topic / CareSet - or several CareSets) (e.g. we can have a Questionnaire for AllergyIntolerance, but we cannot have a Questionnaire for eBirth if the eBirth CareSet is not defined in FHIR resources.) The questionnaire can be the trigger for the CareSet, but a CareSet SHOULD NOT be published only with a Questionnaire, without FHIR profiles.

- Questionnaires should only use the same ValueSets (at least in the target profiles), except those valuesets that are related to the data entry format - for example, "Age Range" can be a valueset.

- Questionnaires should only be used if the data entry is unidirectional and not really interactive (i.e. requiring lots of updates, etc.) At most, it is a single-shot entry, eventually with pre-populated data.

We will add to the Project Proposal template the following question as a option Yes/No/Don't know: "Do you want to include a user-facing simplified data entry for this data set?"

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