Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2021-08-19

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Thursday, 19th August 2021, 10:30 CET


  • Welcome
  • Location of the BE-CORE profiles
  • Process improvement: Preview of the AllergyIntolerance transactions
  • Workgroup for AllergyIntolerance changes
  • (maybe some updates on methodology/tooling and the FHIR use of questionnaires)


  • Veerle Michiels (VAZG)
  • Hanne Vuegen (VAZG)
  • Jean-Michel Pollfiet (eHealth)
  • Anne Nerenhausen (RIZIV-INAMI)
  • Félix de Tavernier (Abrumet)
  • Filoretta Velica (Abrumet)
  • José Costa Teixeira (HL7 Belgium)



(Jean-Michel requested one additional topic - location of the Be profiles)

Location of the BE-CORE profiles

The official source of the Federal FHIR standards published by eHealth Platform is available here: https://simplifier.net/ehealthplatformfederalprofiles For profile developers (for which the tooling can have the specific requirements) a clone of the Federal FHIR standards are available in the form of a FHIR ImplementationGuide here: https://hl7belgium.org/profiles/ehealth/be-core Note that this latter clone is an exact replica of the currently published profiles in Simplifier.

  • To Do: Jean-Michel and José will have a technical discussion on how to ensure the consistency and evaluate roadmap options for Simplifier vs ImplementationGuide.

AllergyIntolerance Transactions

Presented, group seems OK with the first proposal. We'll continue prototyping and we'll come back to the Validation Group for a formal proposal of a way of working.

AllergyIntolerance Workgroup

As a general approach, we could define that each profile / topic would be assigned to a working group. There should be a "fixed" list of working groups, which get activated when needed (e.g. for maintaining changes to a profile). The working groups can be listed e.g. on the HL7 website or wiki. The ownership of the resources by the Working Groups should be done by a) proposal by a Working group (agreement if there is any conflict) and a final approval by this FHIR Validation Working group. For AllergyIntolerance, we will ask the community to gather around the topic. We will call it Patient Dossier Working Group. This should be done ASAP.

For the next meeting, we'll create a draft list of the other resources and working groups.

Additional tools (e.g. questionnaire)

We have been improving the tools for Questionnaire, as we presume that the interest in Questionnaires will increase in Belgium as it is increasing in other communities. We'll continue working and when there is a working set of specification and presentation(RIZIV/INAMI takes the lead), this will be presented to the working group.

Adjourned at 11:52