Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2022-02-03

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Thursday, 03rd February 2022, 10:00 CET


  • Upcoming Project proposals


  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Filoretta Velica
  • Jean-Michel Polfliet
  • Hanne Vuegen
  • Karlien Erauw
  • Veerle Michiels
  • Jose Costa Teixeira (scribe)


Project proposals

  • eBirth
    • To be prepared by RIZIV-INAMI.
    • Will include data for newborn, parents, observations, etc.
    • Will likely include a Questionnaire for data capture
  • Hosting Working Group: Likely Patient Dossier
  • ReferralPrescription
    • ongoing work, needs Project Proposal to follow the process.
    • Will be prepared by RIZIV-INAMI
  • Hosting Working Group: Procedure Referral WG
  • LifeGoals
    • Will likely include the expression of goals (e.g. "run a marathon next year"), sub-goals (e.g. "lose 30 kg")
    • Driven by VAZG who will provide the clinical background and requirements
  • Hosting Working Group: Likely Patient Dossier, which already hosts CarePlan
  • Manzana / Risk Scoring
    • Was not in a formal working working group
    • No requirements from Manzana project - so no need to trigger working group
    • VAZG has interest in the discussions, so we should later assign "risk scoring" to a working group
    • RIZIV-INAMI is also interested in risk scoring.
    • A project proposal may be appearing from VAZG or RIZIV-INAMI sometime soon.

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