Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2022-03-03

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Thursday, 03th March 2022, 10:00 CET


  • Storage and tracking of Project Proposals
  • Template for functional rules
  • Division of profiles across WGs
  • FHIR Maturity Levels
  • Transactions


  • Jean-Michel Polfliet
  • Felix de Tavernier
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Hanne Vuegen
  • Bart Decuypere
  • José Costa Teixeira


Storage and tracking of Project Proposals

  • Proposal:
    • Create a google drive with the files for the Project Proposals
      • Track the version history of the files
    • The list of the project proposals (including dates and links) will be in a Google Sheets spreadsheet
    • The HL7 Wiki will have a link to the Google Drive - the documents and the spreadsheet.
    • We'll add a link from the FHIR Governance page to a descriptive page in the HL7 Wiki (that contains the links above)
    • Should we track our process changes in the same way that we track our other projects?
      • Groups that need to validate process changes: Program Board B, WGSE, HL7 Belgium / Validation Group
      • José, Bart, JM, Félix/Filoretta to discuss the actual implementation of this - GH issues / spreadsheet, etc.

Template for functional rules

  • We will create a proposal for a template for inputting the functional rules from different projects into the WG.
  • This means that we may want to track the origin of the demand, so we need to track the documents - we'll add it to a Google Drive.
  • Github issues will always be created - directly, or starting from the document.
  • It will always be the responsibility of the requester to see if the impact of the document has been fully taken in by the group.
  • We will evaluate the operational impact of the document and respective changes as soon as a we have the proposed template (target: meeting on 17th March)

Division of profiles across WGs

  • Current status: Vaccination meeting is every other week, other PD topics will be the alternate week.
  • About package separation: We can group artifacts that are functionally together (as much as possible) and consider the risk of evolution of packages that have overlaps - in other words, one WG should handle one (or more) packages.
    • Conclusion: JM, Félix, Bart, José will make a proposal for packages of the artifacts - not only profiles, but other normative artifacts. This will impact the publication process.

FHIR Maturity Levels


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