Minutes - FHIR Validation Group 2022-10-13

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Thursday, 13th October 2022, 10:00 CET


  • Status of business templates
  • Population Health WG – the work started, but we can see where we are
  • Demo of the visualization tool - (or very short discussion, depending on the parallel mail discussion)
  • Lab Results profiles
  • (technical) re-publication of some of the current published federal standards
  • Alignment on Terminology handover (as part of the recent enhancement to our process)
  • Overview of the status of our Implementation Guides
  • Infrastructure WG meetings?
  • Any Other Business


  • Bart Decuypere
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Félix de Tavernier
  • Ilse Dossche
  • Veerle Michiels
  • Philippe Baise
  • Nik Silverans
  • Jean-Michel Polfliet
  • José Costa Teixeira


Status of business templates

The Validation WG participants will confirm they filled the doodle for the meetings

Population Health WG

  • Axians (CVKO) presented the Logical model (Sven Dhaens)
  • The Repository is created : https://github.com/hl7-be/public-health, collaborators added
  • Issues are created. Kanban board is not yet
  • Baseline was taken from Sven Dhaens into a branch so that it is merged when the group agrees
  • Next meeting is requested by Karlien on 25 October, 10-11 am. GP Software vendors will be invited

Demo of the visualization tool

  • Visualization uses a template engine to create renderings
  • At this moment it does not replace the resource narrative
  • This is not part of our process. Next discussion will be brought (by José) about how this can be official part oof our process, and how it integrates with the exiting tooling, who manages the code, etc. etc.

Lab Results profiles

  • A new meeting is scheduled - we'll look at the issues in the Lab meeting

(Technical) re-publication of some of the current published federal standards

  • The publication process is being changed
  • Bart and José will see what needs to be technically done to update the publication. The timeline will be up to Bart / eHealth

== Overview of the status of our Implementation Guides

Alignment on Terminology handover

  • We had a template in Allergy, for the Project to handover the request to TC.
  • Seems that there is a predisposition by TC to use a template.
  • The Validation WG agrees to have a template for requesting official Value Sets from the TC.
  • We can work on the template offline - starting from the Vaccination
  • We will include a reference to the template when we have the template. This will be added to the process in the next future revision of the process.

Infrastructure WG meetings

  • Ask Karlien for the date of the next meeting.