Minutes - Patient Dossier WG 2022-06-23

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  • Alexis Van Zeveren
  • Anne Nerenhausen
  • Bart Decuypere
  • Brecht Van Vooren
  • Félix De Tavernier
  • Filoretta Velica
  • Hanne Vuegen
  • Isabelle Pollet
  • Jean-Michel Polfliet
  • Jens Penny
  • José Costa Teixeira
  • Karlien Erauw
  • Michaël Cauchie
  • Tom De Backer


  • Walter Bollaert



  • allergy is not a codeable concept - for FHI int'l there is only AllergyIntolerance, BE experts want to add hypersensitivity and hypersensitivity non-allergic, is parent. There are 2 options: BE extension with codeable concept adding 4 codes. Other option: ask HL7 int'l ask to add 2 new concepts. This question has been asked to HL7 int'l as thiw dould avoid having to change the BE profile. Afterwards a business rule will be created. Meanwhile we can play with the cardinality, currently mandatory in BE profile, not in int'l profile. Option 2 seems the best for all of us but what if HL7 int'l does not want to change... Can the CoW create a back-up plan, this is agreed upon, and will be further discussed later today in the CoW meeting.
  • Issue 21: if the patient has no allergy, use the code 716186003 No known allergy / pas d'allergie connue / geen gekende allergie. Can everyone agree on this ?
  • the valueset of BeAllergyIntoleranceCode set will or will not be changed: no. This valueset will be changed: https://github.com/hl7-be/allergy/issues/21, only the first line will be kept. These are Snomed CT codes, so if other system codes the other values, does it need to be remapped ?
  • see google doc on Use of UUID in Belgian eHealth Standards. The WG agrees to adopt this document but it proposed to discuss the matter of responsability for creation of identifier to the hubs & vaults. The examples have to be changed accordingly

  • Review raised issues resulting from the Coalition of the Willing on Allergy & Intolerance
  • Agenda for next meeting: Issues resulting from the Coalition of the Willing on Allergy & Intolerance

Patient Dossier WG is happening biweekly on Thursdays, next meeting July 7 at 9AM